Opinions & Reporting

Some examples taken from my past in journalism, before I switched to online marketing.

I still can’t make sense of the senseless Paris attacks.

Written for Middle East Eye after the terror attacks that took place in Paris, November 2015. What does that say about us in France, when people my age are joining the ranks of an organization like the Islamic State? Also available in French (2015).

Les sentiments et les idées peuvent-ils être tous exprimés?

Written for the French magazine “Libre à toi”, published on the occasion of an art exhibition, this article explores in a sociological lens whether all ideas and opinions can be expressed? (2019).

HMDT BLOG: Meeting with the survivors of the camps

A more personal post written for the Holocaust Memorial Day Trust following a European journalism project during which I collected testimonies from concentration camp survivors (2014).

The ‘Jungle’ in Calais endures as refugees look toward England, Middle East Eye

A reportage from inside the ‚Jungle‘ in Calais, co-written with a journalist from the English team of Middle East Eye (2015).

Who owns Banksy?

A deep dive into the commercialisation of Banksy’s work. Written for a university magazine (2015).

Local reporting for Stjohnstreet.net.

You will find here the articles I have written as a local reporter for my university’s online site (2014).