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3 ways to improve instantly your marketing copy

You’ve written your marketing campaign, your product descriptions, and your social media posts and want to ensure they are the most impactful it can get? Here are three tips that will help you improve in a matter of minutes!

Enjoy  ↓

📢 Read it out loud. As simple as that. Take the time to read your text out loud. If anything sounds off, modify it and read it again. I promise you, if it sounds off while you are reading it out loud, there is a high chance it is off in general. Remember, most people have a little voice reading out loud in their heads!

✂️ Cut any unnecessary words. That applies especially to English, with French being more “fluffy”. Short is always best when it comes to marketing copy. It is admitted that you have about 10-15 seconds to catch your target reader’s attention. Some say more, some say less. But you get the gist of it.

❌Remove the “I” or general statements, use “You”. Do you know the beauty of English? You don’t have to choose between “Tu” and “Vous”, “You” applies to all. Use it a lot. You are talking to a specific client/audience. It’s not about you, it’s about them.

Like those tips? I will keep them coming – watch this space. Want to talk business? Contact me here.

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