funny girafe face

Let’s start with something funny: machine translation fails

See this giraffe above, the amused and shocked grin? Well, that’s exactly the face I make whenever I observe the funny fails of Google Translate, and co.

That’s the face you will make too after reading them.

Enjoy  ↓

🍪 “Cookies” translated into “Biscuits” in French. Technically not wrong you’d say, but this was in the data protection section of the website… A biscuit policy sounds delectable, sure. 

💨 Guess how Google Translate dealt with “1 agua con gas” translated into French? 
“1 gaz”. Which can be understood as 1 fart. Great. The client would have adored being served a fart alongside their lunch.

If you want to read more of those, I’d recommend this article by Babbel! And I will of course regularly post more.
Until then, take care!

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